Manny Ortiz

US Soccer

  • Center referee US Soccer Professional League 1982-2003 Division 1 & 2
  • Former US Soccer National referee
  • Center Referee Professional Division 2 Quarter final 1988, 1990 & 1991
  • AR Professional Division 2 Quarter final 1985 & 1987. Final 1985 & 1988
  • US Soccer State assessor
  • Manager of Referees , CONCACAF 2015 & 2016 Miami Florida
  • Manager of Referees, Copa America 2016 Chicago IL


  • Former Executive Board member
  • National Coach & Instructor
  • Former National Referee
  • Refereed nine Final Fours- Div I, II and III

College Assignor

  • Four D1 Conferences


  • Co-Founder

Paul Tamberino

Director of Competition, Major League Soccer

October 1, 2010-December 31, 2011

Director of Referees, U.S. Soccer

February 1, 2008-December 31, 2010

Manager of Professional Assignment and Assessment, U.S. Soccer

June 2001-February 2008

Other Roles

Referee Inspector, CONCACAF, 2008-2010
Referee Inspector, U.S. Soccer 2008-2010
National Assessor, U.S. Soccer, 2001-2010
National Instructor, U.S. Soccer, 1997-2010

Referee experience

Referee, Major League Soccer, 1996-2001
Awarded MLS Referee of the Year, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001
FIFA Assistant Referee, 1993-2000
Multiple tournaments in CONCACAF including; El Salvador, Canada, Costa Rica
Olympic Qualifiers, Bermuda, CONCACAF qualifying tournament, Edmonton, Canada
World Cup Qualifiers, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Korea
National Referee. 1987-2001
Multiple National tournaments, Armed Forces, National Amateur, Dallas Cup
National Collegiate Referee 1990-2001
National Referee NISOA 1994-2001
Numerous NCAA post season games
Division 3 Final 4—Keene College
Division 1 Final 4—Davidson College
Referee since 1976
Multiple youth tournaments including Regional qualification, National youth finals as referee.

College Assignor

Atlantic Coast Conference, 2007-present
Ivy League, 2010-present

Steve Siomos

Referee USSF Pro League


Assignor USSF Pro League


Coach Mentor National Assessor for MLS


Referee Men and Women College


Final Four Appearance

Division I Women2 times
Division I Men 1 time
Division II Men 2 times
Division III Men2 times

College Assignor

Big Ten Men and Women 1990-Current
The Summit League 2001-Current
The Horizon League 2008-Current
CCIW 2012-Current
Midwest Conference 2012-Current
Mid American Conference 2013-Current
NACC 2014-Current
CCAC 2017-Current
Missouri Valley Conference 2019-Current
Waubonsee, College of DuPage, Harper College, Morraine Valley
Triton College, Illinois College, Rock Valley, Illinois Valley
Junior College Playoffs

Founder and Past President of the Chicago Soccer Referee Club

The Club provides education and assists in the upgrading of referees, NISOA Member since 1982

Cien Asoera

  • MLS Assistant Referee and 4th Official, 1999-2003
  • Big 10 Referee, 1995-2017
  • US Soccer National Referee, 1999-2006
  • Refereed at multiple US Soccer Festival Tournaments
  • Refereed at multiple US Armed Forces Tournaments
  • Former US Soccer National Assessor

Matt Tiano

  • Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (MIAC)
  • Upper Midwest Athletic Conference (UMAC)
  • American Rivers Conference (A-R-C)
  • Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference (NSIC)

John Douglas

  • Director of Social Media


Create an environment where collegiate soccer referees can improve their officiating skills through continuous quality training by offering numerous educational opportunities through clinics, seminars and technology.

How to join the ECSR

Starting in 2019, the ECSR is changing the way we register our members. Going forward, referees will register each year, at a cost of $85. Registration will be open from December 1st until December 31st. Starting January 1st, registration costs will increase to $100. Once registered, you will be able to sign up for a camp without additional cost. You can register here or by clicking "Register" at the top of the page

As with previous years, registration includes insurance. Camps will be required anually for D1 Center Referees, and all other members must attend every other year. However, you will only receive a t-shirt if you attend a camp. Registration for each camp will close 1 week before the camp date, so we have adequate time to prepare materials. Walk-ins will not be accepted.

The ECSR will still be offering insurance for its members. The ECSR supports its members and believes that it's important for our members to be covered while out on the field.

Assignors/Observers/Directors and Officers of the ECSR and any other Organization that is a Member of the ECSR now have Liability Insurance. Coverage is 1 million Personal and ADV Injury, 3 million General Aggregate, $25,000 Injury.










Vanishing Spray



Over the years, we, the ECSR, have been asked to observe many referees to gauge their performance. While it has been nearly impossible for us to watch every game, we have gathered some of the top people in the country to observe games that referees want to be observed on. These referees are former FIFA, professional referees, collegiate referees and have been administrators in their perspective states, as well as the national body of soccer.

The responsibility falls on the referee. They will be responsible for the following;

  1. Contacting the observer within a reasonable time frame
  2. The game must be of a competitive quality for the collegiate level. The ECSR observation does not take the place of nor can be substituted in any form or fashion for use in any other organizations to meet their requirements.
  3. The game must be on digital network that the observer has access to
  4. The quality of the video must be a professional standard and not one of 1 camera at half field
  5. The referee is responsible for payment of 200.00 per game by video and or 200.00 per game plus all expenses, including miles, per diem and hotel if referee so chooses to have the observer on site rather than watching via internet. The per diem rate is 100.00 per day
  6. If the game is canceled due to inclement weather and the observer is on site, the referee is responsible for any mileage, hotel and per diem owed.
  7. The observer will rate the referee and give an acceptable or NA grade. The observer, once finished, will send their report to the ECSR marking what level they feel you are capable of, i.e.; D1 men, D1 women, etc.
  8. The referee will send the observer the fee and once upon receipt, they will release their findings.

We know that there are many good referees out there and this is a way for us to get “eyes” on those referees.

This does not guarantee that you will receive games in the conferences assigned by ECSR, but the information we receive will be shared with other conferences as well as the NCAA

ECSR Observers