ECSR Code Of Conduct

The Elite College Soccer Referees (ECSR) Code of Conduct is a set of rules and guidelines which is written for all officials. It is a privilege to be a part of ECSR. By our words, actions and intentions when we are engaged in anything Soccer it reflects not only on each of us personally, but the organization as well. This Code of Conduct is intended not only for referees but also for administrators and anyone else who is in any way involved with or has responsibility involving the officiating of student athletes at any level of competition through which ECSR provides resources. A Code of Conduct is used by ECSR to ensure all individuals who are part of the organization are aware of the required behaviors expected of members. Annually, before the start of the Soccer season at any level of play, individuals will be given a copy of the Code to review and sign, acknowledging their understanding and receipt of expectations of the Code and its requirements. This Code is intended to protect not only Elite College Soccer Referees, but also to protect the officials and inform them of expectations. Failure of anyone to adhere to the Code of Conduct can have negative consequences. As officials, we interact with student athletes as a routine part of our responsibility and should hold ourselves to the highest level of personal and professional conduct at all times.

To Download and view the ECSR Code of Conduct, please click the link below

Code Of Conduct